Mitra 1.0 Support to Kampong Information Center Development

Sawit Watch, a non government organization concern to environment issue, is using Mitra 1.0 to develop Pusat Informasi Kampung (PIK) or Kampong Information Center.

PIK was designed as a center of information that it organised by civil society organizations and linked to their stakeholders. PIK provides much of information that its engaging new understanding or changing the communities condition. Information is a element of community empowerment, speciallly environmental issues.

To realize the idea, Sawit Watch is developing SMS gateway to connecting grassroot or people.

“We can publish and spreadwide the Kampong condition through SMS. Sawit Watch cab distribute the international or national issues directly to people. Its a ICT support to promote community awareness,” said of Bondan, a Sawit Watch activist.

In future, Sawit Watch will using Mitra 1.0 to delivery the regulerly information from the selected sources. People will build a collaborate with several stakeholders after receiving sufficient information.

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